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To build a team is easy – you just hire people who you think can do the job right?  WRONG!

Strong foundations are key when it comes to leading a team.

It’s a bit like a building, if you don’t have solid foundations, it won’t be easy to build the walls.  Everything will be out of balance and hard to do and ultimately it will not be functional.

Before you even get to digging the foundations, you must draw up a plan.  Initially you need to consider why you are building.  What is the ultimate goal of the building?  What will be it’s function and how will it achieve that?

Without the right foundations, your team will not have clear direction.  Just like a building the structure will be tenuous and a little bit wobbly!

To create a great culture and team step one is to have a clear vision and mission.  Why do you do what you do as a business and what do you want to or need to achieve?

An example of a vision could be; “We want to create a simple, low energy device to power vehicles”  Mission “We want to enhance the lives of all the people on the planet”.

What a powerful, stable foundation to build a team on.

It is a fact that being connected to a big enough why will achieve much greater results than if you simply have a function to perform without a connection to the bigger picture.  Understanding why you are doing something is the most powerful foundation when building a team.

The base of your structure is sound.  The next challenge is to choose the materials and consider what you expect and need them to achieve.  The materials when building a team can be seen as values.  That’s food for thought until the next instalment.

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