Uncategorized Stage 2 – Gathering your materials

Values are the building blocks of any team.  Just like in a building, you must consider what specifically you need each material to achieve to ensure you get the required outcome in line with your plans.

What values are going to help you actually achieve what you need to achieve as a business? The best values are entirely focused on your why and your goals.  They need to be robust and not nice to have.

For example, if you want to invent something amazing to solve a specific problem, what values do you need to exhibit to achieve the outcome?  What is important?  What behaviours will you require?  Align your values to this.

Values can change over time.  You may find that a value like “focused creativity” works for where you are at right now or “laser vision”.

When you have created the product and you are selling it to the market you may need a value like “relentless drive” or “growth”.

Values are powerful and can have a huge impact on how your team see their job.  Aligning values to behaviours an expectations is a great way to build the next level of your structure.  Setting clear expectations in your business is the next building block for a successful team…………….

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