Uncategorized What is a Good Culture?

We hear people talking about the importance of culture all the time.

What is culture?  What does it mean to have a “good” culture?

That surely depends on what you are trying to create and what the people working for you think is a good culture.   To an extent it is a subjective concept.  Not everyone thinks that a table tennis table makes for a good culture.  Many people don’t care about working from home whilst many do.

The bottom line is that we are all humans.  We all have core drivers and we all want these core drivers met to feel committed to any relationship.

Most of us spend an average of 1/3 of our time working. Our relationship with our workplace is just as important as any other relationships in our lives.

A great leader and business will connect with individuals according to what is important to them.  If at least 4 of your employee’s core drivers are being met, you will have a person who is happy and engaged.  The best way to connect is to have aligned purpose and values.  The culture fit is then not forced but more natural.

What is important to your people?  Does it align with what is important to you?

Communication is a key driver in any relationship.  So many of us are not good at communicating.  Being clear about your values and your purpose is a great place to start.  When you communicate these things effectively – you will have the groundwork of a good culture.

Do your people know what your business purpose and values are? How do you communicate this?

If you want to create a high-performance culture I hope this gives you some great food for thought……

See upcoming posts for more on core drivers and values.


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