Uncategorized Why is responsibility so important?

Have you met or worked with someone who consistently blames things and people for everything that doesn’t go their way or they don’t like?

Do you believe that we all have the ability to choose our response in any situation?

Every one of us has a past.  Usually filled with good and bad experiences.  We learn lessons from our past.  We do not need to allow our past to define us or blame our past on decisions we make today.

Think about it.  If you can choose how you react today and take full responsibility for that choice, you can choose to be positive, choose to take action, choose to do things differently and choose much more.

Taking responsibility for your choices and behaviours is living at cause rather than at effect.

Think about something you have done recently that you are proud of.  It could be in your personal life, regarding your health, in your work life.  How do you feel when you think about it?

Now think of something you have done recently and regretted or felt bad about.  Did you quietly blame your decision on something or someone else?  How do you feel when you think about that?

Imagine if you had done it differently.  Imagine for example that the day you decided to avoid dealing with a family conversation because it felt too hard, you chose to have the conversation.  How differently do you feel when you think about it?

Taking responsibility and making choices that make you feel good are part of building self-esteem. This is why responsibility is so important. If you take full responsibility for your choices, thoughts and actions it’s hard to beat up on yourself about them.

Try it.  Before you make a decision, respond to friends, family or business colleague or take action on something, ask yourself, is this above or below the line?  You can even catch your own thinking and ask the question.

I would love to hear how you go.  Feel free to PM me and let me know…..Good Luck!

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