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The life coaching programs can be customized to best suit the needs of any group, from corporations to professional organizations. Every program is designed to help you attract all you want in life.


Javrow was founded by Rebecca Jarvis in 2001.  Javrow are proud to have worked with many leading global businesses to help them develop and grow high-performing sales and leadership teams.  Javrow was founded on the belief that people are the key to any businesses success.  We have always been proud to be seen as an up front business who communicate openly and honestly with both clients and candidates to achieve the best results.

Rebecca is a seasoned veteran in the Sales and Leadership recruitment industry.  She has worked with some impressive businesses renowned for their high-performance cultures and she is proud of having helped build high performing teams who have really stood the test of time.

Rebecca’s style is direct and collaborative and it is clear, open and honest communication combined with connection that has achieved her reputation to date.

Rebecca has worked with leaders and businesses who have been supremely successful in hiring and retaining high-performing talent.  She has also seen, first hand, businesses who experience high turnover and struggle to attract and retain high performers and how this impacts a businesses performance.


Rebecca brings her years of experience and her coaching models, programs and behavioural profiling tools to help her clients to thrive and build high-performance cultures and teams.

Rebecca is passionate about helping average cultures become great.  She works with companies who aspire to be truly great at attracting, retaining and developing high-performance teams.

Rebecca is a certified Meta DynamicsTM coach and she is a qualified behavioural profiling consultant (Extended DISC).  She works with leaders in both teams and one on one to help them grow as people and as leaders.

Javrow works with companies who are serious about investing in developing high-performance cultures and teams and who are ready to do the work to make it happen.

Rebecca believes that true leadership is an inside job.  She is genuinely interested in helping people be the best they can be.  Her vision is to help people love what they do and live a life they love.

People will achieve amazing things if they are given a reason to and they are truly empowered.

The right people combined with the right culture and he right leadership will create success beyond bounds.

Rebecca believes that your success is her success.  She will be there with you on the shit days as well as the great days.  Success is a journey and not a workshop!