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Extended DISC is a behavioural profiling tool that is supremely helpful when it comes to communication and connection.

Understanding a person’s DISC profile allows you to truly understand how or why they think the way they do. It allows you to understand how they make decisions. What is important to them in terms of communication and action.

DISC is based on energy types. We all have all four energy types, but some things take more energy for certain types than others. Other things take very little energy. Unlocking this can help truly empower individuals and teams and it can be used as a bit of a leadership super power.

DISC is also great to understand in the context of sales. Knowing how the different energy types make decisions can have a profound effect on your ability to influence others.

The extended version of DISC, EDISC gives us a deep understanding of how the person behaves, both naturally and in an elevated or unusual situation.

EDISC is a superb coaching tool, allowing us to drill down to the root of a situation quickly and to immediately begin coaching the relevant areas.

It is a great tool for team building and team alignment. It allows teams to understand one another’s strengths and stretches and work to understand how to complement one another and optimise outcomes by utilising each person’s super powers.