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The life coaching programs can be customized to best suit the needs of any group, from corporations to professional organizations. Every program is designed to help you attract all you want in life.

To live a life we love we really

must love what we do.

We go to work for approximately 30% of our adult life. To live a life we love we really must love what we do.

We often see and hear of people who are not happy in their work. This has an obvious negative impact on many parts of their lives.

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Some questions for you…….

  • Do you hate working for your boss?
  • Do you feel like work is a burden?
  • Are you working more hours than you are spending with family?
  • Do you feel trapped and stuck on a career hamster wheel?
  • Do you wonder what you would do if you didn’t do this?
  • Do you complain about going to work?
  • Do you yearn for a more fulfilling career or life?

What can Javrow Propel do to help?

  • We help you gain clarity.
  • We help you regain your passion.
  • We help you regain your work life balance.
  • We help you understand how to love what you do.
  • We help you build and execute on a clear plan.
  • We help you with your image and your brand.
  • We help you navigate the recruitment process.
  • We help you love what you do and live a life you love.

We run various programs in various formats to help you re-frame, re-configure and re-invigorate your work and your life.

We offer everything from a simple on-line program you can work through in your own time to a fully tailored program involving one on one coaching with our amazing career coaches.

When you are searching for a job, getting interviews is difficult. How would you like to improve your hit rate and then nail the interview? Our Interview Success Program is designed to help you increase your success in getting interviews and help you nail them when you get there.  It’s like having a recruiter in your pocket!  Contact us to find out more about this powerful, cost effective program.