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Safety-Net Coaching

(Supporting Remote Teams)

Since the beginning of Covid-19 most teams have had to shift to remote working.  This poses a number of challenges to leaders.  Ultimately your  business needs to ensure you can maintain the highest productivity possible in the circumstances. You must also support your team and acknowledge that they may need to change the way they work to enable them to get results in the new environment.

Leaders have so much on their plate managing the day to day with their team working from home. They  often don’t have enough bandwidth to be able to manage some of the underlying issues that are crucial to sustaining a performing team from a productivity and a mental health and well being perspective.

The risk to you is that your productivity is negatively impacted and that many of your team suffer stress and anxiety, putting them on stress leave moving forward.

People struggle with focus and self-management.
People struggle to manage their mindset and their work is affected.
People struggle with feelings of isolation effecting their ability to do their job.
People struggle with how best to communicate with one another and get the same results and outcomes as if they were working together in an office.
People struggle to know how to structure their day especially when they have their children at home.

As a result, you may face reduced productivity, reduced motivation. Increased stress and anxiety, loss of connection which will cause and increase in stress leave and increased staff turnover.

Our safety net coaching programs give you tools and support and help you to foster your team’s mindset, personal management, structure & focus.

Our program is a cost-effective way to maximise output and build mental strength within your team. Working in conjunction with day to day leadership to help people stay focused and motivated and manage their mindset in a positive way.